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    Toby’s House Crisis Nursery

    Toby’s House Crisis Nursery is committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect by providing immediate refuge and safety for children.

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Toby’s Story


October Perez, known to some as “Toby,” was only two-years-old when she died from abuse at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend in 2011. She endured for hours after suffering broken bones, extensive bruising and brain swelling before medical assistance was called for.

What is a crisis nursery?

Our crisis nursery provides urgent or emergency care for children ages 0-6.  We provide a safe, nurturing environment  for a few hours or all day, if needed.  In some circumstances, we can provide overnight or after hours care.

Our non-profit crisis nursery is accessible to the public and has no income requirements for services.  We offer referrals that link parents and caregivers to community resources to build resilience and strengthen families.

Why does Great Falls need a crisis nursery?

Child abuse and neglect rates in Cascade County have trended up over the last 10 years. Our community very recently lost another innocent child to appalling abuse.  We believe all children deserve safe, loving, and immediate shelter during a family’s crisis.  Infants and toddlers are most vulnerable to child abuse and neglect, often resulting in death.

What will people use the Crisis Nursery for?

There are many reasons people utilize a crisis nursery for temporary child care or respite. Some of these include:

  • There is not a safe place for a child to stay while resolving personal issues
  • Someone is not capable of taking care of their child as they would like
  • An important appointment but no one safe to leave a child with
  • When stress and life’s problems are becoming too much to tolerate and could result in taking it out on a child or when someone feels they are losing control
  • Medical emergencies where a care-giver needs immediate assistance with temporary childcare
  • Mental health, substance abuse crisis
  • Foster care parent respite

Where is Toby’s House?

421 5th St N

Great Falls, MT 59401

What are the hours?

The hours will vary until staff is hired and trained for overnight care. Please call 406-770-3191 for the current hours care can be provided.

How is it funded?

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. We rely on our community’s generosity through donations and grants to help care for innocent kids at risk.

How can I learn more? How can I help?

Call us at (406) 770-3191‬

Email us at [email protected]

We are accepting donations of goods, services, and monetary contributions.   Join us in our mission to prevent child abuse and neglect!

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