Needing Care?

Needing Care?

We understand that parenting can be hard, and we are here to help!

Toby’s House Crisis Nursery provides free emergency respite and temporary/transitional care for children ages 0-6. Our aim is to protect children from abuse and neglect by creating a safe, nurturing environment for families in need. We offer services at no cost and without income requirements. Additionally, we provide diapers, formula, and referrals to community resources.

Our hours are 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before your first scheduled drop-off time to fill out paperwork on-site.

We provide home cooked meals, and our staff have passed FBI and state background checks, are trained in CPR and First Aid, and complete at least 16 hours of early childhood and other specific crisis training.

Come to Toby’s House and let us help you provide a safe, loving, and immediate shelter for your child during a family crisis.

Please note: All requests for childcare are accepted as space and need allow. While we strive to care for every child and parent in need, at times we may find we do not have the skills and tools necessary for every child’s needs. We base our decisions on our ability to keep children safe, keep our staff safe, and protect our environment. This is always done in conversation with parents, and we will do our best to help find referrals and additional support systems.

What is Respite Childcare?

Respite childcare is a short-term care service that gives parents or caregivers a break when they need it. This type of childcare is especially useful for families dealing with stress, emergencies, or other challenges. By placing their kids in respite care, parents can take some time to recharge, run important errands, attend appointments, or simply relax.

What is Temporary/Transitional Childcare?

Temporary or transitional childcare is a short-term solution for families who are in the process of securing long-term childcare arrangements. This service is particularly helpful for parents who are on a waiting list for a permanent childcare provider, unexpectedly started a new job and still exploring their options.

During this period, temporary/transitional childcare offers a safe and nurturing environment for children. It’s a reliable way to ensure your kids are well taken care of while you work out the details of a more permanent solution. Think of it as a bridge that helps your family move smoothly from one childcare setting to another, without disrupting your child’s routine or well-being.

What is Emergency Respite Care?

Emergency respite care is an immediate, short-term childcare solution designed for parents or caregivers who find themselves at a breaking point and fear they may harm their child. This type of respite care serves as an urgent intervention to ensure the child’s safety while giving the parent or caregiver the crucial time they need to decompress and seek professional help.

If you’re overwhelmed to the point of fearing for your child’s safety, emergency respite care provides a confidential, non-judgmental space for your child. This service is not only aimed at keeping the child safe but also offers resources for parents and caregivers to manage stress and explore long-term solutions for a healthier family dynamic.