We had a blast at the Butterfly Ball!

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to our community for their support of Toby’s House and our new FOREVER fundraiser. In addition, I wanted to share with you about our event and what I unexpectedly saw.

As you know, on Saturday, April 1, 2023, we held an event called The Butterfly Ball. When we first took on this fundraiser, I thought we would be just raising money for Toby’s House Crisis Nursery. But what I soon found out was something more magical than what I ever imagined. I think I need to share with you, our donors, what you helped sponsor. I saw families taking time to take their children to something 100% child friendly with no alcohol. Parents that were engaged with their children. Children were out dancing to their favorite songs; Adults were dancing with their children. Children were dancing with their favorite princesses. The music was pure, the food was good, and everyone was smiling! Toby’s House is about strengthening families and protecting children; I would have to say that The Butterfly Ball nailed it by strengthening families. Children and adults will be talking about this for months.

We found out later from a single mom in our community that on the car ride home, her little boy told her, “My prom was awesome!” We also heard from a family who rode the bus downtown and walked to The Newberry, “I have never seen our daughter smile so much!”

I wasn’t expecting this kind of emotion from myself or our community. I am proud to be the executive director of Toby’s House Crisis Nursery and am grateful for the support and generosity I see daily. My heart is full of happiness. Thank you for supporting the families and Toby’s House Crisis Nursery.