Request for Proposals of Strategic Planning



Toby’s House Crisis Nursery is seeking responses to an RFP for our agency’s Strategic Planning process. The deadline for submission is September 16, 2022. Please read below for details.

For a print version, please email [email protected]

Request for Proposals Strategic Planning

Deadline for Submission: September 16, 2022, 5:00 p.m.


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from facilitators experienced in strategic planning to lead Toby’s House Crisis Nursery Board of Directors and staff through a strategic planning process to formulate a three-year plan for the organization.

Organizational leaders seek a process that:

  • Involves board members, staff, and stakeholders in identifying focal points for the strategic plan;
  • Assesses and evaluates board, organizational and resource development;
  • Identify organizational strengths and gaps
  • Lead the board and staff in creating a board and organizational development plan;
  • Engages board and staff members to set aspirational short and long-term visioning.
  • Assist the board and director to determine the need for other resources, consulting services or job development needed to implement the strategic plan
  • Assists the Executive Committee of the Board and the Executive Director in creating quarterly or more frequent action steps with measurable outcomes;
  • Identifies board committees responsible for overseeing progress, and staff and volunteer positions (current and identified) responsible for implementing the plan;
  • Prepares board and staff to assume responsibility for implementing and monitoring the progress of the strategic plan;
  • Provides ongoing support/engagement for mentorship and further development/modifications for up to 1 year

Who we are

Toby’s House Crisis Nursery is a non-profit that provides safe and loving childcare for ages 0-6 to prevent child abuse and neglect. The nursery is available at no cost to all families, regardless of income.  It be used for a crisis, respite, appointments or work, and the nursery will help families find long-term childcare options and other resources when needed.  Toby’s House provides a supportive, nonjudgmental, and supportive environment for families.

Child abuse and neglect have long been identified in Cascade County as a core health issue for the community (Community Needs Assessment, 2019). Nine children under the age of six have died from child abuse and neglect in the last decade.

Numerous agencies collaborated to build a committee to prevent child abuse and neglect in Great Falls.  Toby’s House Crisis Nursery is dedicated to all children in our community, in memory of October Perez (Toby) and all the other innocent lives lost.

With the permission of October’s family, Toby’s House can provide the horrific details that led to her death. Toby was two years old, and her mother was attending classes and going to work, leaving October with her boyfriend.  On June 25, 2011, October died from blunt force trauma inflicted by her mother’s boyfriend. She had sustained multiple broken bones, extensive bruising, lacerations, and damage to her both her internal organs and her brain.  Medical authorities described her injuries as being similar to a severe vehicle accident and that her spine had been “torn apart.” It was also discovered that October had broken bones from the past that did not receive medical care. She suffered several hours with these injuries before being found and taken to the hospital. October spent two days in a Salt Lake City hospital, then was taken off life support after being declared brain dead.

Toby’s House wants to ensure we are available to our community to help keep children safe. We are seeking a strategic plan with our board of directors, executive director, and staff to make sure that we are moving ahead in a positive manner towards sustainability and expansion of services.

Our program currently consists of eight board members, an executive director, four staff and five volunteers.

Scope of Work

Toby’s House Crisis Nursery requests a proposal for a three-year plan with a 5-10 year vision that includes the following:

  • process for identifying strengths and evaluating mission and vision statements and creating core values;
  • process for developing aspirational strategic goals;
  • timeline for creating the plan.

We expect complete facilitation of the process to be reflected in the proposal; a goal of the planning process is to create a system for the board and staff to work effectively together to create and carry out the strategic plan. The proposal will provide an executive summary of the work that will be performed by the consultant and a detailed work breakdown structure, with time frames, of the steps that will be taken to develop a strategic plan.

Expected outcomes of the process include:

  • Coordination of the writing and editing of drafts and the final strategic plan document, including a separate, shorter document for external dissemination if necessary.
  • Documentation of the strategic planning process, including key discussions and decisions at each stage, for development of strategy documents and communication

The deadline for completing the strategic plan will be November 18, 2022. Please create your timeline within this framework.

Application Process and Procedures

Please provide a complete written response to this RFP which is double-spaced and does not exceed 10 single-sided pages, excluding appendices. Proposals should include:

1. A brief Executive Summary;

2. A description of the applicant’s general approach to strategic planning facilitation, including methodology, perspective, or philosophy that guides your work with organizations in this undertaking;

3. A list of project deliverables to be created with a detailed timeline for each deliverable and overall project completion;

4. A detailed budget that breaks down expenses;

5. Credentials and qualifications of key personnel who will take responsibility for working directly on this project;

  1. Three references each for key personnel who will work directly on this project;7. Example(s) of a finished strategic plan created by your company;

Questions and completed proposals may be directed to the executive director, Susie Zeak at [email protected]

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Raising Pints for Toby’s House

Join us for our 2nd year of raising pints for Toby’s House Crisis Nursery
We will have three great raffle items, and staff and board members will sell 50/50 tickets.

August 8, 2022, Toby’s House and the Mighty Mo Brewing Company are teaming up to support vulnerable children in our community. Your $5 raffle ticket will get you into a drawing for one of three prizes.

The first prize is a signed copy of Carol Cassie’s cookbook titled Food is Love. If you are from Great Falls, you will remember the little Italian restaurant Mama Cassie’s. This cookbook is filled with her delicious recipes.

The second prize is a downtown gift card tree. This prize will contain gift cards ranging from $30 to $100 from local downtown stores.

The third prize is a signed advance reader’s copy of Jamie Ford’s new book, The Many Daughters of Afong Moy! Many of you may know that Jamie Ford is a local writer. He is best known for his debut novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. The book spent 130 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List and was also awarded the best “Adult Fiction” book at the 2010 Asian/Pacific American Awards for Literature.

Raffle tickets can be purchased at Cassiopeia Books, Toby’s House Crisis Nursery, or online Raffle Tickets Here

You can always purchase tickets on the night of the event!

See you at the Mighty Mo!





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Opening Night at Centene Stadium


On Wednesday, June 25 at 7:00 p.m. come to show your support for your favorite baseball team and your favorite nonprofit. We will be selling 50/50 tickets, have an informational table, and FIREWORKS after the game!

Join Toby’s House Crisis Nursery and the Great Falls Voyagers for an evening filled with fun for the family. Toby’s House is the “nonprofit of the night” with $4 for every ticket sold online or in-person going back to Toby’s House. Your ticket must be purchased in person at 421 5th St. North or purchasing online HERE.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Toby’s House Recognized Statewide

We are excited to announce that Toby’s House has been named the Montana Children’s Trust Fund’s Nonprofit Organization of the Year for 2022. Montana Children’s Trust Fund seeks to create a state in which every child is protected from abuse and neglect.


Nomination forms were made available on the Montana Children’s Trust Fund website in early March. Community members and organizations were asked to nominate organizations that were committed to strengthening Montana families and child maltreatment prevention by offering effective and innovative programs, by adopting trauma-responsive practices, by engaging caregivers in decisions that affect their families and community, or by developing partnerships and collaborations.


Our organization is honored to receive the award for this year for the entire state of Montana. Other organizations to have received the award in the past were: Shodair Children’s Hospital (Helena), Watson’s Children’s Shelter (Missoula), and Mountain Home Montana (Missoula). We’re proud that our tiny nonprofit on the lower north side stood up against the “big dog” organizations that have existed for 20 plus years.


We are achieving great things in Great Falls! Please share this post widely to let the entire community know about this!

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“A Night to Give” a Fundraiser for Toby’s House Crisis Nursery

Please join us on March 19, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. for “A Night to Give” a fundraiser for Toby’s House Crisis Nursery. This event is sponsored by Spices N Spurs, Vintage Nanas, and Golden Triangle Brewery. There will be great food, great beer and a silent auction. All proceeds from the silent auction will go directly to Toby’s House. For more information go to or call Toby’s House at 406-770-3191


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Giving hope to innocent children in our community.

Last month we took care of a sweet girl who had the biggest, most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. I had just walked into work and after setting down my things I introduced myself to the little girl. She didn’t say much but I made sure she knew she was in a safe place. Her mother had called us needing our services for the day. Mom was beaten up by her husband while their daughter watched.
More and more we are receiving calls like this. Moms, dads, even grandparents needing our help because of violence in the home.
We are proud to be able to help families when they are in need of help with their children. We are even more proud to be able to offer the children somewhere they can be safe and just be kids.

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Toby’s House Crisis Nursery receives grant from 1000 in Action

Toby’s House was granted a $7,000 grant from the local non-profit group 1000 in Action. This money is to be used to pay our rent for 4 1/2 months. We are so grateful for the support that we have received from them.

1000 in Action was formed in response to continuing cases of child abuse in Cascade County and the surrounding counties. It was created as a 501(c)3 organization by a group of mothers who were heartbroken over these occurrences and sought to do something to help curb, and hopefully eliminate, this problem. Recognizing there are already many valuable non-profit organizations in our area that provide programs and services related to this cause (i.e., The Dandelion Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Cascade County, YWCA, Toby’s House, etc.), our focus is to provide funding support for these types of organizations.


For more information you can visit their website by clicking on the link below.

1000 in Action Website



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Look how far we have come!!

We are so proud of how far we have come and proud of what we offer the community. We are keeping children safe and strengthening families. What more could you ask for. Thank you Great Falls and even the whole state of Montana for supporting us.

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