Connections Mom’s Group

Being a mom can sometimes be lonely. So often, you feel isolated and alone, and you don’t know where to turn. We have heard this time and time again with the moms we help. As a mom, I could sympathize. I remember wanting a friend who was a mom just like me.

Several research studies have demonstrated that—for both mothers and fathers—high levels of emotional, informational, instrumental, or spiritual support are associated with positive parental mood; positive perceptions of and responsiveness to one’s children; parental satisfaction, well-being, and sense of competence; and lower levels of anger, anxiety, and depression. This could lead to safer children in our community!

Toby’s House is pleased to inform the community that we will have a Connections Mom’s Group. This will be an informal group of moms and children that will come together to support one another. This group will be held once a month at a different location. We will play, connect, EAT and take away some information from our community. I promise we will have fun! All moms and children are welcome!